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When the Sales Start Abroad?

By on 16/07/2016

One of the two the most important seasons in fashion just started.


It begins with the letter “S”.

Not Spring, not Summer…



So I’m all alert and ready for bargain hunting. And because it’s also the best time to travel, I combine the two most enjoyable activities of adult life: sightseeing and shopping!

Recently I spent a few days in the French Riviera and visited Nice and Monaco. It wasn’t the sale time, though… But it’s always an enjoyment to window shop and try the patience of the sales force – browsing, touching and trying. That’s what we, at ShopTrotter, call the “shopping experience”. Unmistakable and unbeatable.

If you’re planning some sale shopping, please watch my video with the most important info about rules and dates around the globe.

I also selected some interesting reads so you’re well informed and well prepared for fashion hunting 😉





Here’s a handy summary for your convenience:

United States – it started at the end of May, especially during Memorial Day Weekend. Americans will be able to score some great cut-offs later in June, when prices drop to 60% off and the selection will be still interesting. Although Summer Sales has no official end, retailers tend to organize “consolidation sales” in the beginning of August to make a space for new Fall collections. Look for an extra 25% off on top of already discounted fashion!

France, Italy, Belgium – have strict law about discount events.

France – “les soldes” are limited to 6 week period – this year from June 22nd until August 2nd. You can expect price cuts at the level of 30% in the beginning, increasing gradually up to 50-60%. Be aware that big fashion brands carry private sales in advance to the official opening date for their loyal clients.

Italy – Summer sales last longer – from the first week of July until end of August, but cut-offs are forbidden before that time, so if you travel to Rome or Milan in June you’ll have to pay full price for the fashion items already discounted elsewhere.

Belgium – during 30-day period right before sales start the boutiques can’t make any promotions! In Brussels Summer sales lasts the whole month of July.

Spain – the boutiques get rid of Summer collection in July and August, but be aware that in August many small local stores are closed due to holiday season.
Germany – the serious shoppers get their discounts in July and August and the prices there drop up to 70% off.
Thailand – it is a great shopping destination. Between July 15tha and August 15th The Amazing Thailand Grand Sale is organized, with special offers and discounts up to 70 percent off regular prices.

Hong Kong – officially organized shopping festival happens during Summer months. Shops are open for a few extra hours at night, until at least 10pm. The Tourism Board also issues a yearly guide and a wedge of coupons that can help you save a lot of money!

Australia – it’s Winter sales season! It opened on third Monday in June which was the 20th this year, and will last until the end of August. The good thing is you’ll be able to score some transitional stuff at lowered price right before the cooler season on the north hemisphere. Isn’t it great?




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