Alice-Azania Jarvis wearing long t-shirt dress in yellow checkered sequins
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Geeks Can be Chic – WebSummit 2017 Edit

By on 12/11/2017

Tech People vs. Fashion People – WebSummit 2017 fashion


Start-up guys dressed in colorful funny suits

Salma Elsa wearing red beret and camel short coat






Everytime people think about tech people, they picture a nerdy 20-something wearing a graphic tee, jeans and sneakers. And yeah – it’s true, but with some exceptions.



Last week I was at the world biggest tech conference WebSummit in Lisbon, Portugal, and what surprised me – among 60.000 attendees from around the globe – there was quite easy to spot fashionable and outstanding guests. And NO – they were representing start-ups not necessarily related to fashion tech! WebSummit 2017 fashion was really interesting.


Some of them let me snap their outfits and share their profile:



Jaklin Yordanova



Jaklin Yordanova wearing light pink jacket and black tuxedo trousers




Jaklin is demonstrator and mentor at University of Glasgow. You can check her Instagram for more trendy looks:




Nevena Djuric



Nevena Djuric wearing brick red coat, shawl and dark pants




Nevena is an Associate Product manager at Talkdesk, she works with the product manager, designers, and developers in delivering more value to the Callbar and Talkdesk for Salesforce part of the product. Day to day activities include building business cases and defining requirements for new feature enhancements, products and services, creating user stories and acceptance criteria, managing dependencies between different teams, and contributing to product vision.

If you’d like to follow her on Instagram – there’s the way:





Alice-Azania Jarvis


Alice-Azania Jarvis wearing long t-shirt dress in yellow checkered sequins



Alice is the Features Director for ES Magazine – the glossy sister publication to the Evening Standard. At WebSummit she was hosting several talks within Modum stage. Alice is a regular panelist at events concerned with women, media and fashion. Definitely someone to look at for an inspiration!





Back to reality (well, for four days, then off to @marulivo 💅🏻) #easter #pisciotta

Post udostępniony przez Alice-Azania Jarvis | ES mag (@aliceazania)



Salma and Mariam Elsa


mariam and salma elsa



Salma and Mariam are twin sisters, both engeneers and technerds – as they call themselves. They studied electrical engineering and information technology in TU Munich (one of the best universities in Europe for engineering) and afterwards did a mastser’s degree in Business Engineering focusing on Finance. Now both girls work in BMW headquarters in Munich in the fields of Tech, M&A, Finance. Working as a woman in such a male dominated industry Salma and Mariam got to thinking what it is we need to feel empowered as a woman and more importantly: what can they do about it? So, next to their main jobs they just founded a company “LaDuett” together for women that combines two of the things they love: technology and fashion. LaDuett’s mission is to empower women through fashion and tech. And how they love fashion – you can see yourself on Instagram:





Klaudia Magierowska



Klaudia Magierowska wearing long grey vest and black sweater and shorts



Klaudia came to Lisbon as the co-founder of Skily and the CEO of Cash Flow Group. She’s experienced in project and team management, as well as in raising finance for SME (including UE funds). Her expertise covers investments in start-ups and finance consuting mostly for IT, e-commerce, RES, production, hardware, building industry and tourism. Impressive, huh? But look at Klaudia’s style – no wonder she runs something as creative as Red To Kill as a side project!





Carrie Shuler

Carrie Shuler wearing green patterned jumpsuit - WebSummit 2017 fashion



Carrie (or Lulu  as her WebSummit profile says) is responsible for social media communication at Stark Mobility – delivering remoteless electric skateboards, currently at Indiegogo.  Stark is much more than a Skateboard. It’s design and technology smashed together in a tiny package on four wheels. As you can see at her Insta account – Carrie knows how to ride it!






I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of the other side of a WebSummit 2017 fashion! That different perspective has been brought to you by ShopTrotter founder:


ShopTrotter's founder Mila at WebSummit 2017 fashion wearing Chanel sweater, Donna Ida jeans, Valentino handbag and Kenneth Cole shoes



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