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Walton Street London Shops – Hidden Gems

By on 14/08/2017

Luxury, art and designer shopping – you can find all of it in Walton Street London Shops


Do you like the world of high-end luxury, art galleries and sublime designer look? If you answer is ‚yes‘, then you must let yourself be taken to one of London’s poshest shopping streets where luxury and art live in the same house.


When we are in London for a shopping splurge, we usually visit the usual shoppers‘ destinations (my favorite James Perse Walton Street). Oxford Street, Soho, Regent Street, Covent Garden – to name just a few.  They cater to every budget and style, but if you really want to buy something unique and the price is not a problem, you must definitely visit this place.


Not only is the place special because of luxurious, posh shops, but it’s also unique due to the fact that many of the shops have been created out of their owners‘ passion to beautiful objects and pieces of art. And this is what we really love about this place. Meet the Walton Street London shops.



Welcome to Walton Street London Shops





It’s located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and it has remained largely unchanged for the last 30 years. This very special street and touristic attraction for many shoppers, it still emanates an old-school English charm. And as we have discovered for ourselves, it is an enclave of independent, chic antiques and interior shops, art galleries and boutiques set up by people of passion. As some of the boutiques owners say – „the street is an age-old destination that understands luxury“. It surely does.


Today, I would like to take you to our subjective selection of Walton Street London shops – all of them easy to be found with ShopTrotter App.



Melissa Odabash


Let’s start from a unique boutique which makes an excellent visit in summertime when holidays are still on. Do you like buying your swimwear in exclusively luxurious venues? If so, you must try the Melissa Odabash boutique in 93 Walton Street. Melissa has an exciting story behind her adventure with swimwear and beachwear sales. She used to be a swimwear model so she knows best what looks good on us, and how to wear it. You will get fabulous swimwear there, in gorgeous colours, plus matching accessories. Melissa knows how to make you look your best so do trust her if you are looking for something really special for you holiday adventures.

She has got yet another boutique in Notting Hill, so choose whichever address suit you better. Worth visiting for sun lovers.


elegant store interior


Model sitting on a chair on yacht, wearing naby unbuttoned shirt



Robert Clergerie – my favorite from Walton Street London Shops


Now if you are a true shoe lover, you cannot miss our favourite, Parisian style, shoe boutique. On 180 Walton Street you will find the world of absolutely unique shoes by Robert Clergerie. Walton Street London shops – from them it is one of the biggest outposts  of the brand.


In their own words:

“Each Robert Clergerie boutique is a unique intimate space reflecting the neighbourhood it inhabits while also allowing one to discover the Parisian-chic universe affirming the architectural design and refined details that the shoes are well-renowned for. As soon as one enters the boutique at 180 Walton Street the pure lines and noble materials, for which the brand is known, are apparent and guides one through the boutique, from the store front window through to the charming garden.”

And you can be sure they are absolutely right. And the service you receive and the intimate retail environment each customer experiences while shopping there is fantastic. If you love being pampered throughout your shopping, you will love the shop as it meets your requirements in this respect perfectly well.



store interior shelves with shoes and white bench


Pastel sandals, white perforated handbag and sandal, pastel brogue shoes



Find all listed boutiques (and many more!) with London #1 Shopping App – ShopTrotter!


James Perse Walton Street


And if it is not a problem for you to buy American stuff while being in the heart of Britishness, then go and visit James Perse’s boutique in 178 Walton Street. This very special shop from across the Atlantic definitely buys your heart the minute you enter the shop. It is so casual, so relaxed, yet selling clothes of very good quality at not only reasonable prices. What we also like about the shop is its owner’s story again. James Perse was born in Los Angeles as a son of a boutique owner in LA. He spent his childhood between his sports fascination and his father’s shop, the combination of which led him later on to his own fashion business. The collection in Walton street is everything we like – the casual style with the luxurious vibe. It is both for women and men. A bit of the American style, not to confuse with their countryside style, in the British capital city. Money really well-spent.


Boutique interior, racks with men's clothing on the left, bench with sweaters and tees, viev at the garden




Maurizio Pintaldi


Now, for all jewelry lovers who are here and always buy this very special piece while abroad, we highly recommend visiting boutique at 182 Walton street. Maurizio Pintaldi is a jeweler of Italian and French origin what definitely manifests in his taste and designs. Do not even try going into chain jewelry shops while in London, go to Maurizio – the real temple of beauty and design. The moment you enter the shop, you know it is going to be a unique experience. The pieces of jewelry there are displayed like in a museum, yet you know it is all on sale. Be prepared for expensive shopping there, but Maurizio Pintaldi jewelry is like buying works of art. If you are after real ‘pearls’, omit Harrods or online shopping and go straight to this unique, elegant boutique where you will be stunned by the range of products you can choose from in an absolutely unique atmosphere.


Designer's ad with woman's face and hand wearing big silver coloured rings jewellery



Jennifer Tattanelli


To inhale more of the cosmopolitan air on 73 Walton street, visit Jennifer Tattanelli and her boutique of Florence origin with leather-made bags, wallets, accessories as well as designed by Jennifer dresses, jackets, skirts and stylish shoes. Being half American and half Italian, Jennifer represents the up and coming voice of the new generation of young and talented Florentine leather stylists. Her collection is both classy, if you need a classy Italian look, or bold and American if you look for something un-British. As she herself admits her Italian and American cultural influences are evident in her designs and personal style. And having a famous writer Mark Twain in her family roots adds a bit of a story behind her boutique. Even if it is not your style or if you prefer shopping for leather bags in Florence, it is still worth visiting Jeniffer Tattanelli’s atelier on Walton street.


Designer's boutique storefront - Walton Street London Shops


Designer's handbag in navy, high-heeled sandals and pouch in blue





If you want to do some special shopping for your littlest ones try out Marie-Chantal boutique at 148 Walton Street. This is not a place where you would probably shop every day, but it is really worth visiting while you are in the area. The quality of their fabric is really high, clothes for kids are lovely, they seem very comfortable, durable and are really stylish. I wouldn’t mind wearing Marie Chantal clothes if I were a kid.


Kid's clothing boutique, light pink wall with dresses displayed, crown ornament above, white drawer below




Walton Street London Shops – Walton Street Stationery



For those of you who still cherish the extinguishing art of hand-writing we highly recommend visiting 97 Walton Street Stationery shop. It has been here since the 70s. If you look for bespoke wedding invites, births announcements, Christmas cards, personal stationery, do visit the shop and you will definitely find something for you. A very special shop for connoisseurs of paperwork.


Stationery shop interiors, dark walls with shelves, drop chandelier Walton Street London Shops





No matter how much money you want to spend on Walton Street, it is definitely a street to visit. If you do not need to buy anything, but simply enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of-of this place – next time look for Walton Street London Shops. You’ll find their pieces of art, jewelry and stunning designer clothes sold not on a high street but in a calm, a bit old-fashioned area where luxury is in the air. And if you want to buy yourself a really nice piece of jewelry which only you and one or two aristocrats may be wearing, we highly recommend this street and you will not be disappointed.


If you’d like to find more places similar to Walton Street London shops, check out our post about Marylebone Chiltern Street!






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