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London Affordable High Street Fashion – Shops for Everyone


Oxford Street, London view with red duble decker and British flags above



As the sales time in London has already started, catch some tips as  where to look for trendy british high street fashion brands and spend…. peanuts. If you hesitated over a gorgeous bag or a fancy pair of shoes in the summer, you can buy them now without much fuss, spending a fortune, and with the ShopTrotter app on your mobile. It is better to plan your shopping trip in advance, but on the other hand – what is more exciting than a spontaneus shopping spree with your retail-therapy mates?



Women’s UK affordable high street fashion destinations





Collage of designs clothing shoes handbags


It is one our favoriteUK high street fashion brand, no question about it. It has got all we love: print mixing, eclectic vintage-inspired collection and lots of different colors. Some say it is quirky, but we love it. Inspiration is drawn from the Far East while luxurious fabrics are sourced from India and Afghanistan. Sparkly details, beautiful Orient-like embellishments, lots of tunics, plenty of pieces to layer and mix-and-match. We do recommend if you like to stand out of the crowd.





collage of pictures clothing and shoes red


For some, it is like the more mature uptown sister to the downtown Warehouse girl. What’s great about the brand is that if you shop wisely, smartly tailored pieces can work equally well for office and party. And Duchess of Cambridge shops here too, as they say. Worth popping into in autumn.




Dorothy Perkins


collage of pictures models wearing clothing and shoes


It is a shopping answer for all those of us who are looking for clothes in different sizes, yet for still feminine and fashionable. You will find here what your wardrobe cries for: stylish tops, feminine dresses, office outfits and much more for all petite, tall or ladies expecting babies.


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New Look


collage of pictures clothing and shoes


If you want to look trendy but your style is casual, visit the Indie-ish New Look. Cropped tops, skinny jeans, denim playsuits, skaters’ clothes, trendy shoes and leather-like bags. You can get whatever you want to look young and cute.



Miss Selfridge


collage of pictures bags and shoes


If you want to look like one of famous London’s It-Girls, fill it with pretty, hyper trendy this season pieces in appealing prints and fabrics from Miss Selfridge. Its design team keeps a keen eye on what’s happening on the runways and produce wearable (and affordable) alternatives. Available in all sizes, which is an added value.






collage of pictures models wearing clothing


If you are into more conservative or traditional fashion style, this is a must-visit for you. It is a shop where all generations, all families can shop happily together. It joins some of the best British clothing traditions with only a tiny bit of a modern style. If you are into a classy British look, you can trust them fully. Women will find there knitted cardigans in subdued colours of grey, beige, black or navy blue. Typical office sets with matching shoes and white collar shirts. Knee-length floral dresses will add a little more to your feminine outlook. If you prefer some extravaganza, go to another shop.



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collage of pictures clothing and models

 If you’re into the layered look, then Warehouse is absolutely a shop for you. Here you’ll find cute, well-tailored, and totally wearable pieces that help you build an effortlessly cool wardrobe. Also: there are lots of transitional pieces that will stay on trend for several seasons to come.





collage of pictures clothing, handbags and shoes


If you are into more teenage look, Topshop is your destination. Jeans, sequins, checquered shirts, ruffled gingham tops, and endless accessories – although we wear them up to a minimum this season. To get a proper look of the 90s, you must visit this shop for sure.





 collage of pictures clothing and models


“Chic, flattering jumpsuits, on-trend printed trousers, stylish leather jackets and flowing maxi dresses that channel this season’s Seventies vibe”, that’s how the Daily Mail comments on Wallis. It has for years been behind Zara and H&M. Really behind. They say it has recently reinvented itself. We believe it has. Check it out for yourself.





collage of pictures clothing and storefront


This is again a must-visit for british high-street shoppers who look for a more classy yet light look. You can get basically everything there (clothes, lingerie, shoes, accessories, jewelery) and for every family member (meaning men can shop there too). Next follows latest trends carefully and if you are lucky enough, you can get really trendy pieces in reasonable prices. And if you visit the shop in sales time, you will be delighted to buy real fashion gems. Plus, they trade higher-end brands as well like Burbery or Lacoste, so with a little bit of shopping luck, you will get something special.



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collage of pictures clothing and shoes


If you like shopping a lot, without paying too much attention to the quality of textile and the way it is made, and you are in a really shopping spree mode, go to Primark. It is a prime shopping destinatnion of every high street shopper. You can get there whatever you really look for: women’s wear, men’s wear, kidswear, teenage clothes, sportswear, lingerie, accessories, shoes, bags and whatsnot. In all sorts of colours, prints and sizes, at very reasonable prices.





collage of pictures clothing and shoes


It is said to be a shopping destination for aspiring WAGs – „wives and girlfriends“ of footballers, but you can also get trendy nightwear and fancy music festival outfits there. And if you look for posh-looking party clothes, it is the right place to visit. For really small sums, you can turn into a showbiz star.



River Island


collage of pictures jewellery and shoes


It is known for many figure-flattering pieces, leather bras and basketball jerseys. But if you spend more time in the shop, we are sure you will find some more refined collections that will make you look unique. They have got intruiging accessories and stock extravagant shoes.



Last but not least, Reserved


collage of pictures clothing and models



This Polish brand has only just recently joined the Oxford Street shop cluster. You must go and visit them as they are new in the UK. If you are interested in the brand, look for our previous ShopTrotter blog post and for Kate Moss posters in London streets to guide you through their fashion style.




Men’s world high street fashion


There are deifinitely fewer shops for men than for women although there are men who love spending money on clothes and shoes almost as often and as much as women do. In the high street fashion category we would recommend:




 topman collage of pictures with models wearing high street fashion


They sell a range of UK affordable high street fashion brands for men including trousers, T-shirts and sweatshirts as well as underwear and socks. They also sell a range of accessories including wallets, sunglasses, belts and bags.




You can find more of men’s high street fashion items in shops like Reserved, Primark, Next or Marks & Spencers of course. Depending on a style or an occassion, you can dress very casually as in Primark or wear something smart casual as in Reserved or Next. If you want to get some British look, however, try Marks&Spencer. They know how, by means of small tricks, create a stylish man, and at reasonable prices.



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 collage of pictures with models and shoes


To be in the UK and never visit Clarks is like being in Paris and never see the Eiffel Tower. If you dress for the office or just prefer the classic look, you must visit the shop. Same with men. You will get trendy leather shoes without paying too much.



If it is not your cup of tea, you can look for shoes in shops like Next, Oasis, River Island, Marks&Spencers or Primark, so be vigilant over those high-street brands while in London.






Women love handbags, of all sorts and matching every single occassion and every new pair of shoes. If you look for a nice leather bag, at a really good price, go to shops like Next or Oasis or Dorothy Perkins. You will get there something which looks trendy and is of a reasonable quality. If you are looking for something truely classic, find the nearest Marks&Spencer as they will not let your traditional taste down. For more extravagant look, try out Monsoon or Accessorize. They do not offer heavy leather hand- or crossbody bags, but if you are colours loving shoppers, in love with oriental patterns, you will definitely find a nice bag for yourself. Now, if the price does matter to you, but quality not so much, and yet you need something which imitates a trendy MK bag, try Primark. They have got everything. And if you want to get a shiny cute hanbag which looks like a million dollars but costs….a little over 20 pounds, try out River Island.








 collage of pictures with models with high street fashion handbags and jewellery


It’s our top destination for scarves, gloves, ear-rings, bags, wallets, Union Jack gadgets, various souvenirs from the UK is Accessorize. You can come accross the shop in all London locations starting from London airports, through tube stations to high streets. What we love about the shop is the fact that you can get colour-matching shoes, gloves, scarves and jewellery in one place. Our favourite Accessorize shop is in Covent Garden but you can find your own favourite destination on your London shopping map.



And more affordable High Street fashion…


If you look for more traditional or classic accessories though, you may try Next, Oasis, Dorothy Perkins or Wallis. They trade imitation jewellery mostly, but with the Kate effect spreading across the UK, you can be sure that you will get something of the Duchess-style.



These are our top choices of high street fashion shops, but London has many more to offer. Watch out this space for a wider shops‘ selection soon. Next time we are going to dig deeper in boutiques from the medium price range of the market, before going into the really posh stuff.


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