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The Perks of the Brexit – Coolest Fashion in London

By on 06/11/2016

Have you heard of the Brexit?


Such a pity the UK is leaving European community – BUT dry your tears! That divorce sent the British pound to an unexpected level of affordability and gave us – probably limited – chance to save vast sums on fashion.

So pack up your weekend bag and go shopping in London! Here are my top five less-known boutiques to explore before the UK will splendidly isolate itself from the continent:

Other Shop


Other Shop



A little artsy, a little relaxed, The Other Shop offers laid back, high quality designs from international brands, I would say more in Parisian than London style. A simple t-shirt or white low tops become there a canvas to create conscious and understated looks. It’s hard not to mention their “price-match” policy, promising adjustments in case you find the exact item cheaper somewhere else.




Other Shop



Joshua Kane



Joshua Kane logo



If you prefer more polished looks take a cab and transfer towards Shoreditch area. Bespoke tailoring, most precious fabrics and unexpectedly funky patterns in form of dandy-style ready to wear for ladies and gentlemen are a domain of designer Joshua Kane. He translates British tailoring heritage into modern silhouettes and every time I see his creations I’m like wearing tuxedo on a daily basis.







Irregular Choice



Irregular Choice London Boutique4






Release your inner quirky Cinderella in this one and only non- independent boutique on my list – but I think It’s worth mentioning. Personally I have quite minimalistic approach to the fashion, but when entering this place – I’m getting crazy! Just look at the interiors, and then try try try those fantastic fairy tale-like heels and booties that could satisfy a princess!







Zoe and Morgan


Zoe and Morgan - one of 5 best indie boutiques in London by ShopTrotter


Delicate jewellery have a momentum right now, but Zoe and Morgan are far from commonness. Their designs remind retro fashion, but there is always added some creative spin that makes the baubles both wearable and timeless. And funny thing – I’m pretty sure Morgan and Zoe jewels would be appreciated by the generation of our moms and also our younger sisters!



Zoe and Morgan



Bad Denim


Bad Denim


Denim paradise! If you’re into the blue be prepared to drawn! I find it really frustrating to limit myself and always want to buy at least several pairs: recently French boyfriends in every wash!

And finally a place we can get our jeans perfectly fitted. thanks to careful alterations.


Bad Denim


It’s not a coincidence that I’m telling you about my fav London shops – we are going to launch brand new ShopTrotter app in London this Winter! Make sure to sign up to get it first and experience the best shopping ever!




I'm Bogusia - founder of ShopTrotter and Age_Concept Blog I kind of like fashion - meaning: I like to look good, but spending too much time shopping is something that makes me feel overwhelmed. Besides of that - I have a walk-in closet full of wonderful stuff that I use once in 1-2 years... I know, it's outreagous! So I decided to start the Instagram account and try to reuse pieces I own for a long time, without compromising on fashion and style. My new motto is to re-create and re-cycle, instead of buying new stuff over and over. Now I shop consciously - buying only the items that complement my other clothes.

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