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No More Shopping

By on 21/09/2020
Idea stojąca za zamkniętym obiegiem mody czyli przekazywaniu nienoszonych rzeczy kolejnym osobom jest jasna i zrozumiałam. Można ją stosować poprzez swapy (wymiana ubrań), komisy, platformy aukcyjne lub aplikacje do odsprzedaży. Zupełna rezygnacja z zakupów byłaby chyba jednak niemożliwa dla większości osób wrażliwych estetycznie. A tam gdzie jest potrzeba tam pojawiają się nowe koncepty.

Fierce orange

By on 14/05/2019
One of the advantages I owe to the mindulness training is being able to spot tiny little manifestations of beauty, and moreover - to appreciate them. Regarding my blog activity I'm in a constant hunt for alluring venues to play my outfit ideas with, and it turns out there are plenty of them.

Nava – Artsy Background for Yellow Dress

By on 22/11/2018
If you live or visit Wroclaw you may look for some instagrammable places. Sure - the Old Town and Ostrów Tumski are beautiful, but so crowded it's hard to take a nice picture there (unless you go there very early morning - even before old ladies running to the church). But Daliowa Island (Wyspa Daliowa) in the very center of the city is usually empty and serene.
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Express Yourself – Paris Fashion Week SS19

By on 08/10/2018
Self confidence is the shiniest of fashion accessories! You can literally put on anything you  find on your bedroom floor and march in front of photographers. If you enter as you own the place - you'll get everybody's attention and maybe - MAYBE - will be the next trendsetter. It's like in art - artist just gives themself a freedom of composing out of their head. You can compose the true expression of who you are.

Hothouse Flowers

By on 14/06/2018
Hothouse photo session featuring old pieces from Burberry, Chanel, Gucci, and more