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Return or No Return? How to Shop and Never Be Sorry

By on 06/09/2016



The Curse of Spontaneity





How many times you felt cursed by the wrong choice of spontaneously made purchase? What if you were able to return it to the store with no time limit?

It is possible. Not everywhere, though. Let me lead you through return policies in the most attractive tourist destinations.




NYC 5th Avenue - Shoptrotter


United States


is shopper’s paradise not only because whole fashion world comes there (to prove that if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere), neither only for the most generous sales (Black Friday was invented there folks!), but also for American return policy. Of course it varies between the boutiques and brands, but it’s always decent. From 1 month to change your mind at least, to up to lifetime guarantee of satisfaction. Example? Brooks Brothers gladly takes the merchandise back even if you don’t have a receipt. One sales assistant in New York City told me she accepted a tie after 26 years!




Paris LeBonMarche - Shoptrotter




In France they don’t care too much if you like your purchase or not. They are obligated by law to take back the items you don’t like anymore for only 7 days after the purchase. The bright exception? Department stores! They accept returns up to 30 days. But better keep the receipt and talk to them in French!

Chain stores accept returns – no questions asked – up to 14 days. In luxury boutiques you can only get the store credit back, which is good for one year from the issue date.




London shopping - Shoptrotter

United Kingdom


In UK most retailers choose to provide a ‘goodwill’ returns policy offering an exchange, refund or credit note for most returns. Shops aren’t required by law to have a returns policy. However, many stores will offer an exchange or credit note, so it’s always worth asking.





Milan La Rinascente - Shoptrotter



In Italy – although there are no official indications – most retailers would exchange merchandise if it’s presented in perfect condition, along with the receipt, and within one to two weeks time after the transaction. Department stores in main cities allow to return unwanted stuff up to one month after purchase with the exception for sales merchandise.




LesNereides - Shoptrotter



While shopping in Spain check the store’s policy if you think you might change your mind about what you’re going to purchase. Stores are not legally required to accept returned goods just because you’ve changed your mind. However most chain stores in Spain do have a “no-quibble” returns period of around 7-15 days. Remember that some items can never be returned – personalised and altered clothing, and underwear for instance.




HongKong Salisbury - Shoptrotter




There are no refunds in China, unless you are shopping in international chain stores or upscale designers boutiques. But even the markets with fake goods have some exchange policy! Hong Kong has no law as such, but most shops will accept exchanges in 7 days anyway.




To be continued…..




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