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ShopTrotter Q+A: Ewa Szabatin – Fashion Designer, Dancer and Fit Fashion Freak

By on 28/08/2017


Designer Ewa Szabatin holding glass of wine in fashion showroom

Designer in Milan showroom




Champion in Latin-American dance, appreciated fashion designer, and a fit and healthy lifestyle freak at the same time! Ewa Szabatin, who’s the heart and soul behind Shabatin brand, traded successful dancer’s career for fashion design in 2013. She decided to combine those two passions because they are beautiful non-verbal forms of communication.


“In designing collections I always listen to what the rhythm of my heart is beating to. The only difference is that it is no longer the body but the dress I create for today’s performance”.


The uniqueness of the concept of the label is visible in original prints combined with simple, minimalist and comfortable cuts – it brings forward an extremely innovative look for the fashion scene. Vibrant, bright colours, and printed fabrics make a statement of a sophisticated and modern woman. Shabatin collections can be found in many renowned fashion multibrand boutiques around the world.



model wearing eggplant coloured leather jacket withc colorful patches

Shabatin FW2017/18







Being conscious of the importance of proper nutrition, sport and mindfullness Ewa also passionately educates and supports her fans on a way to live their lives well. Not only can you dress like Szabatin but also follow her idea of healthy, fulfilled everyday life (and follow her Facebook page here).




Blond woman blinking an eye and showing a plate with food


Let’s see what are designer’s advises on fashion shopping – in the new ShopTrotter Q+A with Ewa Szabatin:



My favorite city to shop in is



What is your favorite district in that city?

Avenida Liberdade.


What are your five must-hit stores in that city?

Zadig & Voltaire, beautiful Prada boutique, Fashion Clinic.


My favorite wardrobe item to shop for is:



Do you shop alone or with someone?

With my husband, but prefer alone.


Who are your favourite designers?

Vivienne Westwood, Isabel Marant, Stella McCartney.


What do you read for style inspiration: magazines or


Magazines as Harpers Bazaar and Vogue, blogs as and Aleali May, for instance.


How do you fuel a day-long shopping spree (i.e. iced coffee, caffeinated jelly beans)?

Green Juice!


What was your best fashion purchase EVER?

Vintage Gucci bag.


Do you have any of your own shopping tips to share?

Be open for new brands and designers, have good time and don’t spend to much money!




interior of Shabatin showroom in Warsaw, rack with pastel green and pik clothing and baloons

Shabatin showroom in Warsaw, Poland



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