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Maternity Style Uncompromised – London Shopping Guide for Future Moms

By on 25/08/2017

Maternity style


Today, ShopTrotter is taking shopping those of you who are expecting a baby, or those who are hesitating because they think that they will be losing their style while gaining weight. We want to show you around London’s famous maternity clothes boutiques, so that when you need to find a fabulous maternity dress or an outstanding overcoat, you know where to look for them.


Being a mother is a journey in itself. There are so many pastures new we are entering when we start parenting that it is hardly comparable with any other experience. For some women it is difficult to imagine their bodies getting bigger and their fashion style changing accordingly. Dull baggy dresses of no shape, too big jumpers or blouses covering feminine shapes almost put off many of us from getting pregnant for years. Those of us who cherish motherhood but also fashion and feminine look must have suffered wearing typical clothes for expecting moms until designers have finally come up with maternity designs that no longer are shapeless, dull and baggy.

Today’s maternity dresses do not cover women’s changing shapes and do not make them look miserable and unattractive. Today, fashion designers pay special attention to their maternity style as contemporary women want to look attractive even when expecting a baby. It is because being a mom has changed over years. Today’s pregnant women do not want to hide it under a baggy grey sweater or in the only extravagant piece of clothes like a pair of denim dungarees. On the contrary, they want to shine as never before and flaunt the very moment of being a mom-to-be. They want to cherish this special moment by being well-dressed and chic during the nine months.


Maternity Style ShopTrotter’s Picks


ShopTrotter has visited top London’s maternity style boutiques in search for clothes to help you do the right shopping or take a decision if losing style is one of counter arguments for your not having a baby. We will show you that you may still look gorgeous, feminine and elegant while expecting your little one.





Let us start from perhaps one of the most popular boutiques among expecting women. Seraphine in 179 Kensington High Street or in 45 Marylebone High Street is one of the most frequently visited brands by moms-to-be. Set up by a Parisian educated in London, it is definitely a pearl in the category of maternity style shops (you can read also about French chic for children here). We are sure it offers clothes you would like to wear even if you were not pregnant. That is their motto – to create clothes, which women would like to wear regardless of everything. They offer maternity dresses in all colours and lengths, sophisticated parkas for the coming autumn, sexy tops, elegant overcoats, sporty blouses, jumpers, slim trousers, mini and midi skirts, lingerie and many more.

If you are lucky you can find nice pieces in reasonable prices, but be prepared to spend also quite a sum there if you go shopping out of the sales season. If you are an expecting mom, visit the shop and you will love it. And if you are still hesitating, just learn that celebrities love the shop very much as well. Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Hudson, Kim Muray, Christina Aguilera, Princess Victoria of Sweden, Princess Sophia and many more princesses and actresses. So if you want to join this exclusive club – of classy looking moms – you must definitely visit this shop in London. And the risk is that you will be back for baby clothes when your child is born. We love the shop. It is simply adorable.   If you are interested in more moms‘ adventures with style, follow the brand’s blog.


Duchess and Duke of Cambridge holding a baby and a dog

Duchess of Cambridge in Fuchsia Seraphine maternity style dress 





Now we would like to take you to an absolutely unique shop that is not only a selling point but is also socially conscious. Beulah is a boutique set up out of social awareness to support vulnerable women through employment (we have been writing about it in Shop Like the Duchess post). Beulah is proud to be part of a new movement of brands embracing better business practices. They offer chic and elegant clothes with a good story backing it. We highly recommend visiting the shop while in London not only for shopping but also for making a difference. Visit 145 Ebury Street and check their line for expecting moms. You will have a chance to wear beautiful India-inspired designs, while supporting charity dedicated to women in need.


Duchess of Cambridge climbing stairs, wearing navy coat and hat



Jojo Maman Bebe


Jojo Maman Bebe is our next top maternity style boutique for mothers-to-be to visit. Kate Middleton loved it when she was pregnant, so it must be stylish and worth visiting. The shop is located in different locations sin London – 39 Bedford Hill, 72 Northcote Road and 12 Cale Street are our favourites. They offer a very wide range of a bit traditional but very feminine clothes from jackets and coats through dresses, skirts and trousers to maternity lingerie in reasonable prices. And the selection of clothes is enormous. We recommend it if you look for something casual and sporty.



model wearing front-knoted maternity dress in green pattern




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Tiffany Rose


Now if you look for really chic and elegant clothes and the price is not the limit for you, visit the Tiffany Rose maternity boutique in Chesington, Oakcroft Road, on the outskirts of the centre of London. Tiffany Rose began in 2003 with a simple aim: to offer pregnant women the chance to wear exciting, elegant, beautiful and well-made designs for special occasions. The designs are inspired by icons of the 50s and 60s, timeless classics that will never go out of style, with a touch of vintage or a modern twist. Evoking the sense of special and occasion, Tiffany Rose clothes bring to you unusual shades, tonal hues, sumptuous textures and unique prints – all in classic, flattering and wearable styles – and all made in Britain. It is definitely a must-visit while in London and their clothes a must-have if you want to follow the celebrities’ style.


long hair model wearing pregnancy dress made of light pink lace maternity style



Madderson London


Again, if you want to look like contemporary celebrities and fashion icons, go to Madderson London in 76 Hammersmith Grove. The shop is famous for its dress worn by Duchess of Cambridge when she was pregnant so no wonder there are queues inside and the shop is really popular among moms-to-be. It has earned its popularity on the so-called ‘Kate effect’ but you can try out for yourself whether the style suits you. The boutique offers a really wide range of dresses, tops, trousers and skirts for future mothers so you can really chose what you like best in this special time of your life.


Pregnant Kate Middleton in short navy blue dress




Now, if you look for a really British look, when expecting a baby, this designer is a must-visit for you in London. Mulberry’s heritage and identity of the brand is quintessentially British. Established in 1971 in Somerset by its founder Roger Saul has for years represented what is seen as fundamentally British – love of nature, the importance of family, rural life and individual style. And this is what is characteristic about the brand till today. A sense of the past reinvented with the spirit of now. Just look at radiant Duchess of Cambridge in the stunning pink Mulberry overcoat.


Kate Middleton in fuchsia overcoat

Photo: Samir Hussein/Pool/Wireimage for



Alexander McQueen


Finally, if you want to look really stunning, almost like a Princess or Duchess, and if getting a brilliant Alexander McQueen dress or a coat is not the challenge for your budget, we would highly recommend visiting one of McQueen’s boutiques in London, either the one in 4-5 Old Bond Street or 9 Savile Road. You will find there what you really deserve – the best design, the best textile, the highest comfort and the most eye-catching look among future moms. And the dress will stay with you forever. Perhaps you will pass it down to your daughter when she grows up? If you really feel like buying yourself something special why not do it in this very special moment. Alexander McQueen dress will help you pamper yourself before your Big Day starts.


Duchess of Cambridge in pink paste coat maternity style




No Taboo


Never before has maternity been cherished and boasted about so much as today. It has gained outstanding popularity also thanks to celebrities and their hitting headlines on front pages of newspapers and magazines for being pregnant. Pregnancy is no longer a social taboo as it used to be when women hid their bellies under too big overcoats and baggy dresses. And fashion designers who have immediately spotted the change of thinking about pregnancy are helping women feel attractive and beautiful throughout this very special moment. They design clothes that catch the eye and make women feel beautiful and special throughout the nine months.

We hope ShopTrotter will help you find all the best designs and shops, which cater for all tastes in this absolutely unique time for every woman. Just remember to stroll slowly while shopping in London, sit down every now and then, and not to carry too heavy shopping bags. And if you sit down to sip a freshly squeezed orange juice or eat a salad for your lunch, we recommend reading more blogs on maternity style:


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{Guest post by Monika Stranc}




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