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Shopping for French Style In London

By on 27/11/2017


London French clothing? This way!


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Have you ever been to London but felt tempted to visit French or Scandinavian, or Italian style boutiques? Additionally, you have never known how to find them there? If the answer is yes, we are going to help you. With this post, we are launching a series of articles on selected European style boutiques that are available in London, and which you can easily visit during your retail therapy tour. Next time you are in London then, do not be shy and shop for a French style bag from best French fashion brands or a pair of French shoes in the middle of Britishness without hesitation; and with a clear map in your head where to go. Today, we are taking you to little Paris inside of London.



London French style clothing


The London French clothing style is something we all want to follow, at least from time to time. It is associated with the best kind of taste and true effortlessness. The French street style at its best is a mixture of chic well-known high-end brands skillfully combined with not less chic but less-known and still very classy designs. With our ShopTrotter selection of London French clothing boutiques, you will easily find top brands and boutiques which offer exactly this combination: famous catwalk designers and less known but talented French clothes-artists. Ready to jump on the French fashion bus with us?




gey wood storefront of Aime London




We start from an absolutely special boutique of French origin. In 1999, French Cambodian sisters Val & Vanda Heng Vong were living and studying in London, but surprisingly enough they found themselves missing many of their favourite Parisian labels and products that they could not find of on the British side of the Channel. They came up with an idea of a multi brand lifestyle boutique showcasing the best in French design.



top, shoes, skirt in shaes of green sold at Aime London




Aimé defines itself as a lifestyle boutique mixing designerwear and fashion accessories. The sisters select French designers very carefully. They are either already established names or new talents. But the boutique is more than just a shop. Excellent exhibitions of paintings and photographies make the décor of this shop even more attractive. If you like to buy beautiful things in an unprecedented surrounding, do not miss this address.



Aimé carries such brands as Isabel MarantMasscobBali Barret, Antik Batik or Repetto, so with this vast selection of French designers, you can really find something for yourself there. You can find their gorgeous boutique in 32-34 Ledbury Road (close to Notting Hill tube station).




boutique interior




Hexagone boutique is a chic celebration of all things French. The shop divides its continental collection into such categories as  home, fashion, beauty, household, stationery and kids. Highlights include Opinel knives, famously used for sculpting by Picasso, La Botte Gardiane riding boots and top quality ceramics. You can visit this extraordinary little France in 12B Camden Passage to see more and find out what you like about the boutique.


Hexagone website




model on a marigold carpet wearing plaid shirt and black pants



If you look for something funky, meaning something in the French high street style, we suggest visiting KOOKAÏ boutique in 318 Oxford Street. As it is sometimes put – KOOKAÏ  a personal and creative interpretation of current trends and this is very true. Try this out for yourself next time you shop for an extravagant version of fashionable outfits.


three hats on the wall and a shelf with jewellery display




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pastel clothing boutique interior

Laurence Tavernier



If you know this luxurious line of high end custom made nightwear and outerwear from Paris, you may well wish to visit them while on your London shopping spree. They can be found in London in boutiques like Fenwick (63 New Bond Street) and Harrods, a well-known London address. Once you get to know their luxurious materials, subdued tailoring, tender tones and distinctive prints, you will not want to miss a single opportunity to buy their items wherever you are. And you can shop there with your whole family as they create refined and sophisticated, yet relaxed and comfortable clothing for men, women and children.



two models sitting on stylized armchairs





wooden green corner storefront

Les Néréides



If we shop for clothes, we cannot neglect jewellery. Les Nereides offers absolutely bespoke and unique pieces which may not cater for all tastes but they are so special and extraordinary that having at least one single piece of their extravagant jewellery will not spoil your well-planned image of a chic Parisienne. You can visit their store either in 35 Long Acre of 166 King’s Road.



odel wearing marigold top and several rings on her fingers





yound woman browsing a rack of clothing

Claudie Pierlot



To better sense Claudie Pierlot style, you must know what she has spoken of herself:


“I was trained on the job in the 60s. I have always had a carefree attitude and a lust for life.”


And this is what characterises her style. Her style is definitely for women who assume their femininity to the full.

From the very outset, the label has remained loyal to Parisian elegance. The designer cherishes refined textiles, high quality and beautiful elegant prints. But the label has been famous for their elegant classy pieces as well. So no matter if you are a classic-lover or a feminine with a more emancipated character, you will find your favourite items. We love her little silk dresses and her famous striped mariner-style jersey. The new collections now run by sisters Evelyne Chétrite and Judith Milgrom show their commitment to preserve the identity of this label, with a touch of modernity. The new Claudie Pierlot collections are frequently updated respecting its original style. A must have for every London French clothing lover.



black and white picture of a model wearing short trapeze dress in black



You can find her boutique in Covent Garden or her collection at Harrods (what can’t you find there after all?) but also in 14 Marylbone High Street. Choose your favourite destination while in London to follow Claudie Pierlot’s latest collections.



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Maje boutique seen through the window display




If you are more into a teenage casual, I’d even say girlish, mood, try Maje in 59 South Molton Street or 266 Brompton Road. The label is a combination of all styles, textures and colours. In fact almost everything you want to find, you will find at Maje boutique. We especially adore their small and intriguing cross-body bags with fancy patterns. A nice gift for yourself or for your mom, sister or daughter. Highly recommended for girlish but at the same time rebellious women.



collage of fashion pictures




pink bomber jacket and jeans on a chair and red sandals on the floor

Sandro Paris


We love Sandro and so will you. Sandro’s style is just everything a woman’s wardrobe needs. It is classy and elegant when needed, casual when we want, feminine and light on a daily basis. Never over the top and never too careless. It is just perfect in design, colours, textiles and sizes. It is a mixture of Parisian elegance, urban style and discreet look. And petite women will appreciate Sandro’s collection very much too.


Additionally, if you shop with your male partner, it is a perfect choice as well. Their line for men is ideal. The house depicts a man who is non-conformist, but always chic. As the house puts it: the men’s style is encapsulated in “impeccably cut and fitted suits and modernised vintage styles.” What else would you need from your man to look like?


So if you are in London in search for Sandro, go to their boutiques in Regent Street or Covent Garden, but we do recommend the one in 133 Sloan Street for excellent service and unique relaxed atmosphere.





dark model wearing black jacket and blonde model wearing red ruffled dress

The Kooples



Known to lovers of the label’s iconic Emily or 36 bags, The Kooples joins the light style of their Garden of Whisper chiffon tops and floral silk dresses with rock&roll twist of leather trousers and country style cowboy shoes with buckles at the same time. Simultaneously, you will find elegant feminine classy dresses and Parisian style trenches. The Kooples is the essence of French casual or high street style, so do visit their boutique in Ganton Street, Carnaby, while in London to inhale some French air there. And you can shop with your male friends if they like shopping. The Kooples have an excellent, intriguing, yet casual and sportive collection for men.




emale models wearing plaid jackets




IKKS is about a chic and elegant feminine style for women and bold and casual style for men. You will find floral dresses, and knitted cardigans, matched with denim of all sort, leather trousers, and military jackets. Although everything looks casual and relaxed, it is also very classy and stylish. It is the Parisian type of elegance when you look good in whatever casual pair of jeans or a light daily dress you are wearing. If this is the look you are after, go to their 10 South Molton Street boutique, opened in 2016, and check this one out for yourself.


model wearing a sharp tuxedo posing for a photographer

Zadig & Voltaire



If you are an edgy style seeker, you will love Zadig & Voltaire boutique in 140 Sloane Street for sure. Punk, indie and glamour rock are the three characteristics of the label (think Caroline de Maigret style). If skulls and sequins are your fashion daily bread combined with luxury denim of worn effects, Zadig & Voltaire will be your fashion paradise. If you are in doubt, it is all absolutely chic, stylish and in a good taste. There are also less vivid fashion items like silk tops and cashmere pulls. If you are a star-type personality, you will love their glamorous style. Remember, they are French, so there is nothing over the top.




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model wearing black and white dress


Agnès b.


Agnès b. opened her first shop on rue du Jour in Paris in 1975. Although she has grown wide in international locations (you can find her boutiques in New York, Tokyo or Hong Kong) Agnès b.’s style has not changed much over the years. She has designed clothing for men, women and children that adapt to every personality and can be worn for a very long time.


In London Agnès b. is located on the corner of Devonshire Street and Marylebone High Street since 1999. Since opening a ‘gallery / boutique’ in New York, Agnès was very keen to have a similar space in London where she could combine her two great loves: art and fashion. She wanted to invite both new and established artists to show their works alongside the season’s collections. Come and visit Agnès b. when you are in London next time to see how she has managed to fit in her two passions into one incredible, three-storey space. It is a fantastic place where a French heart beats right in the middle of the British city body. Come along to experience the fusion for yourself.






Our London French clothing collection of shops and boutiques caters for all taste and budgets so enjoy. Next time you are in London and want ot get a more Parisian look, go and hunt for bargains in those big and small French labels, depending on your taste and pocket. You will for sure find fashion items in London that will make you look French without going to Paris. And don’t forget to download ShopTrotter app to find all London French clothing stores!









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