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Seeing Blue – Best Denim Shops

By on 31/07/2017

Today, we are going to take you to our top London denim shops so that next time you are there and look for your new pair of jeans or a denim dress or a bag, you will know where to find your favourite one.



Long time ago…


The history of jeans, or denim, is as colourfoul and as multicultural as London. Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss invented jeans in 1873 in America but did you know that jeans are named after the city of Genoa in Italy, a place where cotton corduroy, called either jean or jeane, was manufactured? So in short, a German Levi Strauss went to America where he met an American tailor Jacob Davis to establish business based on a textile dyed in an India-origin colour indigo, which in various forms and contexts has lasted since then and which has become fashionable all over the world. Isn’t it all wonderfully multicultural? Yes it is. And so is London.




No wonder multinational London has loved denim so much. If on a sunny or a rainy day you wander down the streets of London, you will find umpteen beautiful unique shops and small boutiques offering as many denim-made clothes and accessories as you may only wish.


I bet we all love denim clothes – if not on a daily basis, at least once in a while. Obviously you can find your favourite pair of jeans in shops like Levi Strauss or Diesel, which are well represented in the capital city of the United Kingdom. But why not dig deeper to look for something that is not a leading brand but has a soul and is absolutely special?


Today, we are going to take you to our top denim shops in London so that next time you are there and look for your new pair of jeans or a denim dress or a bag, you will know where to find your favourite one.



London denim shops?


Start your tour from a boutique which is absolutely unique and located in the heart of the East End of London. Rockafella a.k.a. RF Store was established 15 years ago and is a family run business. They started by offering an exclusively designed range of jeans, but today they are travelling around Europe to find the coolest brands to stock in the shop. They have extremely helpful and nice staff who offer really personal service to their cutomers. Their growing wider and wider group of regulars is demanding but makes the shop to contstantly look for ways to broaden their range of offered products and brands. You definitely must visit the shop while in London.

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If you are a man loving fashion or simply look for a gift for your husband or boyfriend, go to Son of a Stag in Brick Lane, in the Old Truman Brewery. This is a must visit if you are a real fan of London denim shops. They offer Japanese, American and British brands. You will love the shop the minute you enter it. Enthusiastic staff, intriguing interior design and you can even get your pair of jeans shortened or altered on the spot as they have a sewing machine in the middle of the shop. Adorable!




For true denim nuts we suggest visiting Nudie Jeans Soho in D’Arblay Street. Excellent friendly service, and really wide range of denim accessories and clothes. They are happy to repair your damaged pair of nudie jeans on the spot. You will not find the shop in New York but you may look for their twin boutique in Berlin.


Photo: Nudie Jeans Soho



Want more London denim shops? Here you go!


Remaining in Soho, find another absolutely fab denim boutique – Cheap Monday in Carnaby Street.




You will love Carnaby Street, if you do not love it already, and Cheap Monday will be one of your favourite denim shops to visit each time you are in London. Good quality, reasonable prices and shopping in a relaxed and hard to forget atmosphere.


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Ok, if you really must stick to denim’s tradition, go to Levi’s. Choose perhaps their flagship London store in Regent Street. You can then continue going upwards to reach shoppers‘ favourite destination – Oxford Street for more shops of all types and origins. Should you prefer a more unique location for your Levi’s shopping, go to Carnaby Street again. Soho has lots to offer in terms of restaurants as well so enjoy your shopping and eating out.


Photo: The Local Data Company 


Last but not least, you should visit an authentically London-based Pepe Jeans store. You may find Pepe Jeans stores in many cities of the world, but being in London and not visiting their London-based shops would be like going to Japan and not trying sushi. You may find their shop again in Regent Street – which is within a nice and easy walk to Soho again or to the British Museum or the National Gallery, to enjoy some of London’s cultural attractions as well while you are there.



Photos courtesy of Pepe Jeans /


I am sure you will not leave London denim shops empty-handed. They all offer a very special range of products to cater for all tastes and I am sure you will be back.


And if you still have time and find your way to one of London’s brilliant museums by any chance, don’t forget to take your shopping bags with you on your way out. 😉



{Guest post by Monika Stranc}




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