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By on 10/09/2019

short hair brunette in white blazer and dark pants standing on a tower bridge




The Witches ‘Bridge (actually the Penitents’ Bridge) between two towers of St. Maria Magdalena church in Wroclaw is a place where – according to legend – defiant girls were sent for a punishment.⁠ Those young women’s fault was pursuing their own passions,  instead of getting married and bringing up children.

Impressive how easy it was to put labels of ‘witchcraft’ on individuals who just had a different goals than those widely accepted.


short hair brunette in white blazer and dark pants standing on a tower bridge



Fortunately, the times when women were only wifes, mothers and servants are long gone, and today we can aspire to any role we dream of.⁠

short hair brunette in white blazer and dark pants standing on a tower bridge



I know, I know – we can aspire but climbing up that ladder – socially or professionally – is much more tough. Most countries in the world still suffer with significat pay gap and unequal access to senior positions, but at least we can demand change.⁠

We need role models, we need more female experts to be visible and heard, that’s why along with few friends we have started a fundation which aims to put more fantastic specialists onstage of various industry conferences. BalansPL supports organizers in finding suitable speakers and panelists for their events. We have created a list of female experts (over 400 records so far) nad now it’s much more difficult to say “there’s no female expert I could invite, that’s why my conference is dominated by male speakers.”

two figurines of witches on a backround of a sunset

The List



We invite all sorts of female experts to join us and make a change with this small step. We know that women are well educated, ambitious, smart and have a lot to offer. We just want them to take the space they belong to, even though they are humble and hide themselves in the labs and offices.

So if you are an experd in any field – or know someone who is – we encourage you to sign in and show up! Girls and young women need example and you may be the one who would change their perspective.





short hair brunette in white blazer and darblask tank top standing on a tower bridge






Can a woman be a feminist and still be interested in fashion?

Silly question.

We are all humans, it would be crazy to tell us we should think (or do) the same. The fact that I wear sexy top doesn’t make me less concious of my rights and value! I just don’t want to be judged by my outfit (at least when it’s not a fashion contest), I still have brains, free will and I’m vulnerable.


This should be a seperate topic though – short skirt or deep cleavage isn’t an invitation for a rape. I hope boys and men will be more and more respecting it. I believe in education and keep my fingers crossed for Anja Rubik’s initiative SexEdPL.


short hair brunette in white blazer and dark pants standing on a tower bridge


short hair brunette in white blazer and dark pants standing on a tower bridge





What I was wearing


bespoke white linen jacket @ Twins – 2005⁠⠀⁠

silk track pants @maisonvalentino – 2015⁠⠀⁠⠀⁠

jewelled belt @dodobaror – 2018⠀⁠⠀⁠

black bodysuit @hm – 2019⁠⠀⁠

broadway leather clutch @gucci – 2017⁣⠀⁠⠀⁠

denim stilettos @kazar – 2018⁠⠀⁠

monstera gold tone earrings @bijoubrigitte – 2019


📷 Photographed by Piotr Karolczak




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