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Are You Sure When Sales Start?

By on 08/07/2016

One of the two the most important seasons in fashion starts now.

It begins with the letter “S”.
Not Spring, not Summer…
So I’m all alert and ready for bargain hunting. And because it’s also the best time to travel, I combine the two most enjoyable activities of adult life: sightseeing and shopping!.
If you’re planning some sale shopping, please watch my video with the most important info about rules and dates around the globe.


Bogumila Sobiczewska ShopTrotter video sales 1






I'm Bogusia - founder of ShopTrotter and Age_Concept Blog I kind of like fashion - meaning: I like to look good, but spending too much time shopping is something that makes me feel overwhelmed. Besides of that - I have a walk-in closet full of wonderful stuff that I use once in 1-2 years... I know, it's outreagous! So I decided to start the Instagram account and try to reuse pieces I own for a long time, without compromising on fashion and style. My new motto is to re-create and re-cycle, instead of buying new stuff over and over. Now I shop consciously - buying only the items that complement my other clothes.

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