Founder of ShopTrotter

Hi, I’m Mila – style aficionado, social media junkie, fulfilled woman. Former journalist, marketing manager and PR specialist.

I used to travel a lot ­ both for business and leisure. After sightseeing or meetings I always wanted to explore the fashion boutiques, but unfortunately there was not comprehensive information about that in hotel brochures and travel guides. And very often I was limited to the most popular shopping areas disappointing with brand selection (very often high street, chain brands I already knew from my hometown). So I was dreaming about a web­based service that would help me to filter all boutiques through my price level preference, type of product, and the brand name. Because I wasn’t able to find anything like that I decided to do it myself assuming that there must be more people like me around the globe.

Join me for extraordinary shopping experience around the globe!












Hello, I am Monika and have always been in love with London and fashion. I am a graduate of English studies and literature, but a fashionista and a trend spotter in heart. I have been trotting down the streets of London many times to find the best shopping destinations for myself, but now I am doing this for ShopTrotter. It is with great pleasure that I can be part of the team who guide you through the greatest London’s boutiques and shops. With the ShopTrotter app, shopping has never been easier.














Hello, I’m Monia – ShopTrotter blog co-writer

I have a very serious background of the Law School, but after finishing the studies I decided to try something quite different. I started working at the fashion magazine as an editor’s assistant, mostly because the fashion is this particular pleasure which no woman should ever deny herself.

Travel and photography are my passions. They give me opportunity to see the great world from behind the lens. My photo blog is a way to share the excitement of preparation, thrill of exploration and reliving experiences of my journeys after I come back.